No matter what size vehicle fleet you have, whether it’s fifty, five hundred, or five thousand vehicles, someone has to manage the fleet. That person may be an administrative assistant in charge of the fleet on a part time basis, or a full-time professional fleet manager with a staff of several people.

Whatever the title or amount of time devoted to fleet management, specific questions must be addressed for a fleet to be an effective part of your organization. How will you handle vehicle acquisition and disposal? Selection and suitability? Title and licensing? Records storage? Risk management? Maintenance? Fueling? The list of questions can be quite long.

This is where a fleet consultant can help.

A fleet consultant’s knowledge and experience is of great value to small to mid-sized organizations where no one has the time or expertise to properly manage the fleet. A fleet consultant can be instrumental in creating a management strategy that addresses the particular needs of your vehicle fleet in an efficient and effective manner. And even if your fleet has a seasoned professional in charge, the fresh perspective of an outside fleet consultant can be very beneficial to your organization. Or there may be a situation where a special project, or new strategic initiative, could require some extra help.

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